by abrasions

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first single off of the full-length album, Lacerations, coming spring 2017
all donations go to mastering the record


released January 24, 2017


written and arranged by Jay Ericson
vocals, guitar, and synths performed by Jay Ericson
bass guitar performed by Jo Aguda
chorus guitar performed by Jay M Blanch
mixed by Christopher Jon for DARKVISIONMEDIA
remix by I, Parasite


arranged by Jay Ericson
vocals written and performed by Jay Ericson
modular synths written and performed by Jared Warren of Voidtripper
mixed by Alaster of The Alien Element

all tracks mastered by Gregg Janman at Hermetech Mastering

artwork by Jay Ericson and Jared Warren
cover font by Josh Michael Tyler of Acclaim Nation




abrasions Oakland, California

Industrial post-punk noise from the California bay area.


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Track Name: Stalemate
the wickedness that lies within our reason
self preservation is the only law
attend the daily mass or execution
but skip out in time to miss the denouement

our silent war is of private destitution
the social contract’s poised against the fact
the status quo demands no resolution
assured the image will remain intact

they’ll neither show nor tell of their dissonance
to uphold their willful pride in old taboos

and so your resolve dissipates
a little bit more every day
as you revise, and compromise
until no matter which side you choose:

you lose

it’s wrong, and forged with secret hatred
the ugly truth that lies within every act
you’ve gone to a place of ancient regrets
to contemplate all that’s lost for the sake of tact

you’ll only see and hear the difference
the errors you could not eliminate

as on and on you rearrange
the choices you have failed to change
but they’re delayed, it’s far too late
and no matter which side you choose:

you lose
Track Name: Labyrinths
i lost you

and now you’ll always
haunt the hallways
of my heart

damned to dark dead ends
and circular ways

echoing sentiments
and dreaming of exits
back to the brighter days

ere this fatal crime (lofty and sublime…)
i can’t atone
ere this punishment (atrophies in time…)
i must face alone


this funeral guilt
as a shroud

i’m pacing down
the dark corridors
concealed in every crowd

with dulled idealism, no destination
and endless time in isolation
for contemplation of my crime

(i swear it…)


in another life
another place
i’d take it back
if i could

and in every time
and in every space
it haunts me
as it should

i’m sorry

i’m so, so sorry
for what i’ve done